Ilan Ramon Day School's Family Science Discovery Day Brings Out Community Participation

Over 200 people attended the Jewish day school's annual event.


Ilan Ramon Day School hosted a free, educational event that was open to the community. Over 200 students, parents, grandparents and prospective families attended this event complete with science inspired activities designed to educate, stimulate and fascinate brains of all ages.

Students and parents were invited to “discover” together under the guidance of Ron Vandor, the school’s science and math specialist. The activities included wind tunnels, chemical interactions, an archaeology discussion and a microscope station where families learned together by touch, sight and sound.

The fourth and fifth grade classes demonstrated their Inventions Projects. This was a culmination of several weeks of conceptualizing, brainstorming and producing multiple design sketches and models and acquiring collaborative feed back from fellow students along each step of the way.  

“We are relational beings and we need the opportunity to hear, see, touch, feel and interact to have a full experience," said parent Estee Diamond, MS, LMFT. "Children are no exception and by allowing them to learn with all their senses, they not only have fun, but are growing into resilient individuals who lead with confidence, participate well in groups, independently seek knowledge and are capable problem solvers.” 

Family Science Discovery Day gave parents across the Conejo Valley the chance to learn side by side with their children and to show them that there is no age limit when it comes to love of learning.


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