Despite Cutbacks, $350K Face-Lift Begins at CSUN Chief’s Home, Office

Student newspaper reveals plans for new university president.

After tuition hikes, hunger-strikes, closed-out classes and enrollment caps, Cal State Northridge faces yet another money issue.

Office renovations for incoming President Diane Harrison are costing $243,292 in state funding and renovations to her university house will cost around $115,000, according to the student-run Daily Sundial newspaper.

“This is a time of tight budgets. This is a time of cutbacks. This is a time of faculty furloughs. This is a time of students being locked out of classes. It just sends the wrong message,” 20-year CSUN faculty member, Professor Nate Thomas told KCAL9.

But interim CSUN President Harry Hellenbrand says his hands are tied. CSU regulations prohibit him from shifting money from one budget to another and spending the money on students.

chatcat May 18, 2012 at 04:46 PM
Hands are tied my foot. What the college kids need to do is NOT spend their money or loan money at this college. The only way to get your point across is hit em' where it will hurt. Their pocket book. This is just proof that people are really out for themselves at the cost of the little guy. But of course this will be pushed under the rug and life will go on till next years college cost go up because someone had to redecorate. Have fun paying for her new renovations next year.
Linda Coburn May 18, 2012 at 09:24 PM
Outrageous. I find it hard to believe the budget has a line item in it for renovations to the President's office and house. The cost of these renovations is outrageous as well. What the heck are the doing to her office? Adding a sun porch? Building a Starbucks coffee bar? If it was good enough for Koester, it should be good enough for her. At least until the University gets its funding back. They should just not spend the money. It's the wrong thing to do.


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