Neighborhood Council Group Opposes Bond Issue, Water Tax

Valley Alliance of Neighborhood Councils asks a 60-day delay.

A coalition of 34 Valley Neighborhood Councils has voted opposition to two major city and county tax proposals.

The Valley Alliance of Neighborhood Councils expressed frustration with Neighborhood Councils being bypassed by both the City Council and County Board of Supervisors. The Alliance passed resolutions of opposition Thursday for each of the local boards to consider:

-- The $3 billion bond issue being considered today to repair city streets because Neighborhood Councils were not consulted as an attempt was made to rush the measure through City Council. The Alliance backed a move to delay any city action until 60 days after "meaningful outreach" to Neighborhood Council stakeholders.

--  The storm water parcel tax being considered by County Supervisors today based on a postal ballot resembling junk mail that many residents may have thrown away. The ballot needed to be returned by today to object to the tax. Ballots that were not returned would be considered votes of approval.

Meanwhile, the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners joined the fray complaining that the city's 95 Neighborhood Councils are being overlooked in municipal decisions.

"It seems like the City Council cherry picks the issues they send to Neighborhood Councils," Commissioner Linda Lucks told the Daily News.

The commissioners, the Valley Alliance of Neighborhood Councils, the Los Angeles Alliance of Neighborhood Councils and the Neighborhood Council Budget Advocates all adopted resolutions asking for a 60-day delay on the road repair bond proposal.

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Elliot S! Maggin January 15, 2013 at 06:54 PM
You see? Restating a specious principle as though it requires no further explanation is not at all productive. In fact, it's an indication that the dogmatic anti-tax premises - that are completely without economic merit - have taken over many of our minds. If a community is to continue, then the mechanisms that went into building that community must continue to be preserved and maintained. How's that for a principle?
Scott J Munson January 15, 2013 at 11:51 PM
At least these questions need to be asked 1) Is $3B the lowest cost we can get? Are we doing this with more City crews or competitive bid? 2) Are we hiring more city employees/ Why? 3) How do we lock in the $ currently budgeted for street repair? It will disappear into something else just like the sewer money we used to get from the general fund before they developed sewer service charge 4) How about having a plan for the City's ongoing structural deficit before we implement more taxes?
Will Rogers IV January 16, 2013 at 06:52 PM
GAS TAX, transit tax, tire tax, bus tax, something related to the ROADS & HUGHWAYS, my real property does NOT drive.....another rip off of those lucky enough to still have a home.....does the LA gang of 12 care, no they make $3ook a year ++++ so you common people can pay...
Jo January 16, 2013 at 11:50 PM
JUSTIFY why Public Sector workers deserve greater pensions and better benefits and all that is GUARANTEED? If their pension is underfunded, the politicians who gave away the lavish pensions in return for union campaign donations, just raise our taxes and cut our services. Street Services, Landscaping, Building & Safety, etc. have all been drastically reduced by 2/3. My tiny private sector pension is a fraction of what LA City workers get. And, I'm thrilled to get any pension since the workers behind me are not getting any pensions, just 401ks. If my old employer has financial difficulty, my pension will be drastically cut and I don't get any retiree medical like public sector gets so I have to buy my health insurance out of my tiny pension and that' is after 35 years of working at the same company. LA City must cut pay, pension and benefits of the current workers, not just the young new-hires because we won't see results for 30 more years and in the mean time, our services, already practically nonexistent, will be further cut. They practically stopped all street sweeping where they don't have No Stopping signs, aka Open Routes. They raised parking fines by 80% since wife-cheating Mayor Villar came into office, that taxes the lowest income people, apartment dwellers. Vote for Kevin James if you want to turn this cesspool into a nice city again. Vote no for sales tax increases, we are taxed enough and higher sales taxes will make businesses & customers flee LA.
Greg Nelson January 17, 2013 at 01:26 AM
This isn't just a tax issue. The City Charter guarantees that neighborhood councils be given a reasonable amount of time to discuss and weigh in before decisions are made by city hall, but it has been regularly ignored. Beyond that, the public needs the ability to recommend that badly-needed infrastructure projects other than street repairs be included, that the amount be increased or decreased, etc.


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