Rep. Brad Sherman Holds Town Hall

The meeting will be 3-4:30 p.m. at Birmingham High School.

Congressman Brad Sherman will host a Town Hall meeting Sunday to discuss the economy, taxes, housing, the national debt, education, Social Security and Medicare, as well as other issues facing Congress. 

The meeting will be 3-4:30 p.m. at Birmingham High School, 17000 Haynes Street, Lake Balboa.

Most of the meeting will be devoted to Congressman Sherman listening and responding to questions from Valley residents.  Sherman’s district office staff will be on hand to help constituents resolve any problems they may have with federal agencies.  The event, refreshments and parking are free.

Ted Lawrence April 03, 2012 at 09:17 AM
Richard makes a fair comment and I agree with him that Brad is not an empty suit on foreign affairs, but I also think most people need to understand the importance of seniority in the way the system works. Berman is probably one of the six or seven most important members of Congress, both because he has been there a long time and also because he has earned the respect of his peers. That is why virtually every elected official in California has endorsed him which may not sound like such a great thing, but they don't usually agree on anything and they all talk about the phenomenal job he does. To give as an easy example, several have publicly stated that the money to expand the 405 freeway would never have come to California without Howard Berman's work. He studied the law and then introduced legislation which passed, but more importantly, he found the precedents which justified the expenditure. There are literally hundreds of examples like that and that needs to be part of the equation. There actual votes are the same according to studies on 98% of all issues and even when one side or the other tries to find a difference, their own records are a mixed bag and there are literally no issues where they have across the board differences. But where they are different is in their ability to get things done and there is no comparison in that area. It's no knock on Brad, but several members have called Howard one of the house's all time great members.
Jeff Leib April 03, 2012 at 06:42 PM
He is conservative. He supports excessive welfare, and will not come out in support of victims of deadbeat dads. I have given Don McDonald, his chief of staff, multiple opportunities to come out against deadbeats, and his office went so far as to accuse me of threatening Brad and hired extra security to bar me from a town hall meeting so that I would not ask the embarassing question. That was when I was not a "constituent". Now he wants my vote. Business as usual needs to be done. Forget the seniority, as with congressional approval rating at 11%, most of the seniority will be gone with them. Both are done, and it's time for a change. Mark Reed is the only real choice in District 30. And check the voting record. Coming out against party objectives, but yet voting for them 97% of the time, does not show real opposition. Brad has a bully pulpit, and it's time for that to end.
Jeff Leib April 03, 2012 at 06:45 PM
And recently a friend called Brad out on his "support" of Israel, and Brad's response was akin to "at least I am better than Howard". I don't want "better than Howard". I want real support. I want waffles, I can go to Ihop!
Oscar Rodriguez April 04, 2012 at 04:17 PM
What part of this post was uneducated? As an adjunct professor at a university here in Los Angeles, I would hardly call myself uneducated, have spent my entire life living in the San Fernando Valley, and spent a tremendous amount of time following the careers of both Howard Berman and Brad Sherman. If you want to see party, party, party, check out Howard Berman's wife who openly discusses the great dinners they go to at the White House, and Berman has the tacit support of party leadership-- finally, we see the payoffs for spending your career as a party hack. Brad Sherman's town halls are not fixed-- if you want to see fixed look at Howard Berman's "only pick questioners who are 45+ years old and ask questions about Israel" format. Sherman calls on questions from his opponents in a lottery system. This is a ridiculous argument to be having, anyway, considering the first town hall meeting Howard Berman ever had was this year.
AG April 14, 2012 at 03:57 PM
Me's an 'empty suit'. He doesn't debate all candiates, picks an chooses his debates during elections, his town halls are fixed so he only gets 'soft ball' questions, he mocks with any questioner with rude arrogant sarcasim, and so he has never been really challenged. So- he's an empty suit. Don't tell me different because I have spent foour years following this guy whose only loyalty is to the Democratic Party, Party, Party, and the Party. Not to the voters, california or anything else. He's needs to be retired after this election with a loss. Vote this bum out! Vote 4 Reed !


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