Northridge South Neighborhood Council Plans for August Election

A town hall selection process is under consideration tonight.

[From the Northridge South Neighborhood Council newsletter.]

Neighborhood Council Elections: Region Two August 6 - 12 The Northridge South Neighborhood Council will be required to hold council elections the week of August 6th through the 12th this summer.  At the Thursday, April 26th, meeting we have an item on the agenda for funding of outreach for this event as well as the costs of staging a town hall selection process.

We will be creating an ad hoc committee for this election, and we encourage the participation any of you who are interested in this process.  The council also seeks interested parties to run for the 15 open positions, and more specific details on stakeholder requirements, including an application form, will follow in the next few weeks.

NSNC Board Meeting
Thursday, April 26, 2012, 7pm
Northridge Middle School
17960 Chase St
Northridge, CA 91325

Agenda: www.northridgesouth.org…


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