Northridge and Chatsworth Restaurant Grades

How did your favorite eatery fare?

Bugs; dirty hands; contaminated surfaces—are you getting more than you order when you eat out?

Search for your favorite restaurant above to see what score it received from the Los Angeles County Public Health Department.

You can search the database by restaurant name, city or ZIP code. 

Establishments recently closed due to compliance issues can be found at the county's searchable Food Facility Closure List page.

Two restaurants closed and re-opened in Northfridge so far this year.

Get Shaved shuttered for two days because of vermin infestation, while Pho King Delicious closed and re-opened on the same day in order to obtain a health permit.

Amazing Siam Thai Restaurant in Chatsworth closed for a day due to "no potable water supply or no hot water."

For more information on how food facilities are scored and graded, read the Retail Food Inspection Guide attached to this story in the media box.

How did your favorite eatery fare? Tell us in the comments section below.


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