Election Results: Northridge East Neighborhood Council

Voting took place at the Northridge Recreation Center.

Here are the results of votes cast in the Northridge East Neighborhood Council election on Sept. 8, 2012.

143 ballots were distributed, including two provisional ballots.

Voting took place at the Northridge Recreation Center.

Each Neighborhood Council's bylaws determine the number of seats on the executive board, and how those seats are configured. Some seats are assigned to representatives of specialty interests, others might be at-large.

EmpowerLA, formerly known as the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment, or DONE, is supervising the  for about 88 of the 95 Neighborhood Councils citywide.

Elections in the Northeast Valley have already taken place.

At-Large Representatives (two seats)

√ Glenn Bailey 101 √ Steven Ramirez 89 Lisa Zahler 33 Christopher Dyer 9

Business Owner / Employee Representative (two seats)

√ Steve Patel 113 √ Alice McCain 97

Property Owner Representartive (two seats)

√ Nestor Fantini 105 √ Lucille Meehan 104

Residents and / Either Property Owner, Renter, Business Owner / Employee Representative (three seats)

√ Kelly Lord 97 √ Don Dwiggins 93 √ YJ Draiman 76 Ankur Patel 26 Roland Faucher 18 Patricia Rodriguez 14

Property Owner, Renter or Business Owner / Employee Representative (one seat)

√ Spencer Schmerling 33

Youth Representative (one seat)

√ Ahmer Qureshi 114

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