Your Picks for the Worst Intersections and Roads in Northridge and Chatsworth

Busy intersections and potentially dangerous turns top a list of your picks for the worst driving spots in Northridge and Chatsworth. Check out the below map for problem areas across L.A. County.

Last week we asked Patch readers in Los Angeles County to name their worst intersections, roads and freeway spots; and with your input, we produced the above map from reader contributions.

Busy intersections and potentially dangerous turns topped a list of your picks for the worst driving spots in Northridge and Chatsworth.

One anonymous reader noted Reseda Boulevard and Nordhoff Street to be problematic:

This is the street right next to CSUN. Reseda is very busy, all the time and there is a crosswalk there (right next to Chipotle). Students are constantly crossing this very busy street and it is especially dangerous at night since there is not enough light to spot a pedestrian on this busy street.

Another reader who didn't want to be named took issue with the Nordhoff and Winnetka

On Nordhoff Street or Winnetka Avenue, speed is 45 and the streets are long between lights, lots of people speed through theses streets, and the intersection is most of the time bad, because of high speeds.

Please check out the map above for more reader-generated problem intersections and freeway spots.

How to Add Your Own Contribution to the Map

It's not too late to add your own — simply click the "Add" button in the upper-right corner of the map and enter the location of the problem area and a description of the problem. You can also drag the marker directly onto the map if you are not sure how to describe the intersection.

Where else in Northridge or Chatsworth is a concern for you? Tell us in the comments section below.

Don Jagg April 20, 2013 at 05:57 AM
Northbound Topanga @ Marilla. The curb lane is a "must turn right" lane and people come flying off the top of the hill, through the curve and then force their way into the center lane as traffic is slowing for the red signal at Marilla. I see a near miss here every single day. What's frustrating is that the "must turn right" makes no sense. 99% of the traffic is going straight and the lane should be extended to Lassen. Additionally, at Lassen is a protected green right turn arrow, but there is no marking for the curb lane. People waiting in the right, (center), lane do not position their cars properly, partially blocking the unmarked lane that has the green arrow. Cars racing to catch the green arrow come upon these stopped cars and often don't realize that they have little room to get by. Extending the right turn lane from Marilla to Lassen would solve both of these issues.


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