VIDEO: Are More Manson Murders Revealed on Lawyer's Mystery Tape?

Charles Manson's right-hand man Charles "Tex" Watson made the recordings.

who along with his made their home on the , may have been involved in more killings than pregnant actress Sharon Tate, grocery owners Leno and Rosemary LaBianca, and four others in 1969.

The LAPD wants access to taped interviews between Manson's right-hand man Charles "Tex" Watson and his lawyer, according to KNBC4. The problem is that the lawyer has died and the files of his former law firm are now in the hands of the bankruptcy court.

Two sources told the Los Angeles Times the LAPD's interest is "routine due diligence" and is not tied to any larger investigation involving the Manson Family.

However, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck requested "eight hours or so" of audio recordings between attorney Bill Boyd and Watson, KNBC4 reported.

"The LAPD has information that Mr. Watson discussed additional unsolved murders committed by followers of Charles Manson," Beck wrote in a request to a trustee with the U.S. Department of Justice.

A bankruptcy court hearing is scheduled for Tuesday in Plano, TX.

Normally, the recordings would remain confidential because of attorney-client privilege, however, Watson authorized their sale in 1976 to author Chaplain Ray Hoekstra to help cover unpaid legal fees, according to KNBC4. Hoekstra used the material for his 1978 book "Will You Die For Me?"

Watson was given the death penalty for his role in the Manson Family murders, but that sentence was later overturned.

earlier this year.

Read the entire KNBC4 report here.


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