Thefts From Businesses Are Increasing, Police Say

Thefts of copper pipes and wiring from homes, plumber trucks and suppliers are also increasing.

Thefts from businesses are increasing in the Los Angeles Police Department's Topanga Division, according to a report issued Tuesday.

Purses, wallets, iPads and notebook computers have been targeted by suspects who enter businesses along Ventura Boulevard, distract employees and then commit the thefts.

The suspects are often elusive and typically, the thefts are not discovered until later.

Police are recommending that such items be put in secure areas when not being used.

Thefts of copper pipes and wiring from homes, plumber trucks and suppliers have also increased recently.

Air conditioning units are a popular target of copper thieves. Police recommend making it more difficult for anyone to have access air conditioning units by removing ladders, trash bins or other objects that allow a thief to gain access to your roof.

Some homeowners and business owners have enclosed their air conditioning units with steel cages.

Thieves are also targeting abandoned or foreclosed or vacant homes. It is suggested that neighbors of such homes reports suspects or suspicious cars.

The Topanga Division is responsible for policing the far western part of the San Fernando Valley from Canoga Park to the southern edge of Chatsworth.

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