Letter: Urge City Council to Regulate Boarding Houses

L.A. Coalition for Neighborhoods is circulating a a petition.


L.A. residents, want to find the boarding houses operating in your neighborhood? 

Boarding houses in Los Angeles are not licensed and there is no official record of where they exist or how many there are, but one type of boarding house is easy to find.  The Sober Living Industry has a strong business model for renting houses in low-density zones and then subleasing the rooms to make a profit and they advertise their businesses online. 

To find out where the Sober Living Industry is operating in your neighborhood please visit soberhousing.net.  In many instances you can also see how much they charge for each room.  It's easy to see why this is a rapidly expanding industry.    Then, please sign our petition,  pass it on and write and call your councilmember to let them know you want them to support the city's Proposed Ordinance Regulating Boarding Houses. 

Please also email a copy of your letter to us at LANeighborhoods@gmail.com   Thanks for helping to strengthen our zoning laws in order to protect the City's low density zones.  

Rebecca Lobl
President, L.A. Coalition for Neighborhoods
LACoalition4Neighborhoods.org, 310-710-3220 mobile

Phil Indeblanc February 22, 2011 at 05:16 PM
The report is 84 pages, and from what I gather this will limit the problem to 6 individuals per house if its a 3 bedroom home. This hardly helps those living around and next to those that do just that. I didn't read through the entire 84 pages, but I wish things could be summed up. I would like to know my land use rights and this reports definition of limitations is a bit unclear, unless you read and make notes. I don't understand how an R1 zoned home can be rented out to anyone for an extended period, let alone a known abuser. And this is only for those operating as a Sober Living home. What about those just renting out to a bunch of people, those that convert the garage to 2+ rooms...R1 should mean R1, SINGLE FAMILY HOMES. And where do these "SOBER" folks get funding to pay for the bedroom? Likely some state fund for rehabilitation, and those that are in real estate rent out and know they get a check from some gov fund...What a way to suck the system. And then you ask whats wrong with our country? What will happen is the # of homes will be regulated just enough for the fat cats that help place these rules into place and then consider it locked so it is a acceptable amount of Sober Homes, and no one else can start one. Because thats whats being forced to do.. when the laws are not enforced, or lacking, R1 SINGLE FAMILY, How do you define Single Family? How does the law define it?
Thom Senzee February 26, 2011 at 02:50 AM
Think there's already too much government in private lives. Want the government saying where non-criminal, free people live? Do you know the current ordinance under consideration, in addition to sober living homes, would also in some cases require roommates to register the circumstances of their home lives with City Hall? I'm not talking about sober living homes now-just ordinary people who are not related splitting the rent. Some scoff at the "slippery slope" cliche. But, if you know what a cliche is, you know they don't come into existence unless they're true. This slippery slope could create a situation that would not neccessarily resemble Germany in the mid-1930s. But we live in a time of massive, fast, & unexpected change. Ask yourself: Did I think I would see a black president in my lifetime? Did I think I would witness the end of the U.S.S.R.? Did I think I would ever witness Middle Eastern countries rise up against dictators such as Quadaffi? Go ahead; make boarding houses, legitimate sober living homes, and ordinary roommates register with the government. But when a group of people get legistlation passed that requires seniors to register their homes with the government as "Private Residences for the Elderly," or ordinary homeowners to register their homes as "Single-Family Residential Units," don't be too surprised. This is a slippery slope with nothing but a dark pit of government control waiting at the bottom.
Ike Eichar February 26, 2011 at 03:44 AM
Unbelievable, the problem with this country is that people jump to conclusions without regard for the facts. Sober Living Homes have a legal right to establish themselves in R1 neighborhoods. If any one is breaking the law it is those NIMBY folks who think it is alright to discriminate against the handycaped. The people who live in sober living homes get or have jobs and they pay their own way. They are vested in their recovery and work and pay taxes like anyone else. I don't understand, most people, even those in law enforcement, know there are mostly good sober living homes that benifit the neighborhoods where they are established. It is only a few poorly opperated homes that are causing the problems and yet the ordinence will effectively close all sober living homes along with many other homes that rent to the elderly or other types of group homes. We as legitimate sober home opperators want the bad homes closed more than anyone, they give us a bad name and yet no one wants to work with us to eliminate these homes. We really are on the same side when it comes to that, but there is a faction of powerful folks who don't care how many are made homeless. They don't care how many lives we save or how many broken families we mend. They have just got it in their minds that all people in recovery are second class citizens who need to move out of their backyard. It's a shame that most folks don't understand that this ordinence is based on hate and fueled by prejudice.
Tina Schrader February 26, 2011 at 04:47 AM
Amen, Ike. Couldn't have said it better. I'm really tired of the whole NIMBY thing, too. I think if people are honest - honest - with themselves, they just might - it's a long shot, I know - realize that there is the slightest, most minute chance that that's where their objections are stemming from.
Phil Indeblanc February 26, 2011 at 07:15 AM
That is the problem Ike, that is why it SHOULD be removed completely from a SIINGLE FAMILY living home. How does that have anything to do with the condition of the person? Handicap or not.
Phil Indeblanc February 26, 2011 at 07:16 AM
Ike, it is wonderful what you are willing to do. Why do you have to risk our childrens safety, let alone the communities original designed capacity for living? I lived in an apartment for a number of years. The reason why we work hard, educate ourselves, and want a place to raise children is to LEAVE the CHAOS and rat race that apartment living can be like. The safety the seperation the space...ALL THESE are INFRINGED upon when you have 6 DIFFERENT family individuals living in 1 house.
Phil Indeblanc February 26, 2011 at 07:17 AM
As far as NIMBY, There are so many degrees of this term,...But take a look around you...and I mean past the front porch. Take a look at the world, the environment, it is all about being NIMBY(classic def), as the quality of life is getting choked in clusters and globally. Use some rational when you mix people that need help, and multiply it by 2,3,4! Your going to unbalance things in a SINGLE FAMILY neighborhood. SO the true good you are doing is really at the cost of others.
Phil Indeblanc February 26, 2011 at 07:17 AM
WHY NOT, do this honest good deed care, and PROFITABLE BUSINESS (What do you charge $300-$600 per room times 4,5,6?) elsewhere from a single family residential area? Thats $1500 to over $2K a month on average! Take the business to a proper location. You are exploiting your single family living home. If you live alone and have all this extra space, there are plenty options without involving everyone in the neighborhood. This has nothing to do with a few Sober Homes having problems, this has everything to do with enforcing and safeguarding quality of life


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