Letter: Still No Action on Sober-Living Homes in Los Angeles

'There are now 44 Neighborhood Councils/Organizations that have urged city officials to pass a regulating ordinance.'


It has been five long years since Councilmember Greig Smith proposed a motion to regulate sober living homes. Since that time, this proposed legislation has evolved to what is now known as the Community Care Facilities Ordinance.  Due to needless and prolonged delays, we still have nothing.  The longer this legislation is delayed the more senseless crimes and deaths will result because of our city’s failure to take action and offer its residents some protection! 

There are now 44 Neighborhood Councils/Organizations that have urged city officials to pass a regulating Ordinance that will protect their respective communities from the non-stop crimes, loss in property values and other negative impacts.  Because the LAPD has witnessed crimes and abuse associated with group housing arrangements, Chief Beck is sending a written warning regarding weaknesses in the proposed CCFO as it stands.  He has listed several categories of “high risk” facilities and has proposed a series of recommendations that would tighten the current Ordinance.  Many of his solid recommendations warrant consideration and should be part of the proposed legislation.  These strengthening measures would offer protections on all sides – to the surrounding neighbors as well as the residents living inside these unregulated group houses.  One can only imagine the unspeakable abuse, threats, and terror that is secretly transpiring behind those closed doors, when no one is watching and when no one else knows.

The public deserves to be made aware of the unregulated group houses that are proliferating across the entire City of Los Angeles. 

Maria Fisk
Granada Hills

john l smith November 03, 2012 at 11:27 PM
we have a sober living house in our once quiet neighborhood. this is a high end area, and there has been nothing but trouble since a neighbor turned her house into a sober living house. we the neighbors were never informed and the crime rate in the neighborhood is oit of control. the owner of the house doesn't even live there but pretends she does. what can be done, my kids are afraid to be outside because these undesirables are roaming the neighborhood at all times of the day and night. My husband and I don't work our ass off, to have to live like this, we are disgusted!!!!!
Aardvark Props November 08, 2012 at 08:13 PM
You are all fools who dont know how to apply the ALREADY EXISTING laws to deal with a "problem" sober living homes. You cry like babies for more laws? Any ordinance that is created, cannot be enforced if it conflicts with Federal Law. Sober Living Homes are protected by Federal Law. Orange County got its @zz kicked and had to pay out millions upon millions to the owners of sober livings they wrongfully closed with bogus, ex-post-facto ordinances, which through litigation, were determined to be "designed specifically to Tortiously Interfere with a known business". All of the witnesses who lodged complaints against the homes in Orange County were found personally liable and several have lost THEIR homes to the counter-claim judgments against them. That is why Los Angeles County will not change anything...they dont want to be sued. Be advised, should you decide to harass a Sober Living Home, you should be ready to get your come-uppance in court, be forced to sell your homes to pay huge civil awards, and fight to keep your savings. Every court in California has sentenced defendants to Sober Living Homes for supervision and treatment. Prop 36 is their big tool to keep costs down and reduce prison populations. Sober livings are a key part of that (with over 500 in Los Angeles). That is why you will not see ANY CHANGE.
kenneth whitfield December 30, 2012 at 05:50 PM
Its seems when there is a problem in an area people trying and actually staying sober get blamed. I do have to say that some sober living homes need to clean up their act but on the other hand I know many sober living operators who play nice and keep there residents in line. I have noticed that some people that are complaining might be practicing alcohols themselves and don't want those staying sober around because it reminds them of their own issues and if you scratch the surface many that are doing the complaining are just using this issue not to look at there own. It is also illegal to discriminate against someone who has a disability. There are public nusiance laws as well laws such as using a residence for the purpose of using narcotics already on the books and crime in some neighborhoods are actually be done by residence in the area who are on drugs and parents look the other way and don't want to see it. Lets keep it real. We will take this all the way to the 9th circuit court of appeals if we have to. If you actually read that is what they did in Newort Beach and Sober Living Homes won in that case wake u


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