Letter: Ride with Pride Is Here to Stay

Board of Directors chairman writes to dispel some rumors.


Over the past few weeks, it has come to the attention of the Board of Directors that there are rumors circulating in the community regarding Ride with Pride.  As you are a valued member of the Ride with Pride family, I want to take this opportunity to share accurate information with you.

The most prevalent rumors are that the Ride with Pride Board of Directors has made a decision to move or to close down the organization.  Neither of these rumors is true!  For the past 2-1/2 years, Ride with Pride has operated out of Browns Canyon Ranch. The Board of Directors anticipates that Ride with Pride will continue to operate from this location well into the foreseeable future.

Earlier this month, as many of you know, Ride with Pride held a very successful fundraiser, exceeding our goals in both attendance and financial support.  Ride with Pride clearly enjoys the confidence of the community!  Our goal is to continue growing our successful non-profit organization.  We serve the disabled though our therapeutic riding program and returning war veterans through our equine facilitated psychotherapy program. In fact, just this week, we welcomed two new riders to Ride with Pride.

Change is inevitable in any dynamic organization and Ride with Pride is no exception. Earlier this week, some horses that have used in both elements of the program were moved by their owner to another ranch.   While this situation is beyond our control, please be assured that Ride with Pride has horses and instructors to meet the needs of every rider.  No lessons have been or will be cancelled due to lack of horses!

The Board of Directors and staff are strongly committed to our program, our riders and the community.  And, of course, without your help and support, Ride with Pride would not be the success that it is today!  Thank you!

Finally, if you hear things about Ride with Pride that don't seem to ring true or cause you concern, please contact Executive Director Bill UpdeGraff at bill@ridewithprideth.org or me at michael@ridewithprideth.org. We can both be reached by telephone at (818) 885-8138.  We want to ensure that you have the most up-to-date and accurate information about Ride with Pride.  Again, thank you for your continuing support.

Michael P. Murphy
Board of Directors



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