3rd Graders raise Funds for Leukemia Patient

3rd Graders raise Funds for Leukemia Patient
3rd Graders raise Funds for Leukemia Patient
The third grade class of Valley Outreach Synagogue raised over $600 to contribute towards treating nine-year old Logan Nobriga who has been battling ALL Leukemia (which causes an overproduction of white 
blood cells in bone marrow) since he was 4 years old. 
During one of their class sessions at a private home in Oak Park, ten students of VOS- JEWELS home-based Hebrew and Judaic education program braided, baked and packaged nearly 50 loaves of challah 
(a bread traditionally eaten on the Sabbath). At the monthly synagogue service, student Asher Weiss 
announced the project and students Mitchell Bermant and Claire and Caden Landy sold the challah to the 
congregants. The bread sold out within minutes, raising over $600 for Logans’ treatment. 
After 40 months of chemotherapy, Logan was thought to be in remission. In April 2013 the family 
celebrated but then shortly after discovered an abnormality. A biopsy confirmed that the leukemia was 
back and he would have to start treatment again. This time chemo would be much more aggressive and 
would include radiation. There are no words to describe the feeling of despair that engulfed his family and 
Logan began his second treatment in May 2013. Most of the chemotherapy is now done inpatient 
and the effects have been much more incapacitating. Logan cannot go to school or play sports due to 
his compromised immune system and neuropathy. His mother, Kyrsha, a single mother, cannot work 
regularly because she takes care of him. Not having a steady income makes it very difficult to help pay for 
the increasing medical bills.
Logan is the bravest, most courageous child. Though life is very tough, Logan is a fighter. When he can 
he attends Lupin Elementary and lives in Oak Park. He loves to play baseball and really loves the Boston 
Red Sox!
- See more at:http://www.theyoungandbrave.com/warriors/logan-n/
- Learn about VOS – JEWELS home based Hebrew and Judaic education at vosla.org


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