Jarron Lucas, Advocate for the Chatsworth Nature Preserve, Dies at 66

After an 8.5K mountain walk he fell asleep and never woke up.

The Southwestern Herpetologists Society sadly announces the sudden passing of  lifetime member Jarron Lucas. He was 66 years old.

An organizer of Earth Day at the Chatsworth Nature Preserve, he led the Junior Herpers' field studies at the Preserve since 1995.

The photo on the right was taken right after Jarron completed a grueling 8.5K walk up and down mountains on Sept. 23.  He drove his companions back to Barstow where they stopped for dinner. He asked his friend Spider to drive the rest of the way.  He fell asleep and never woke up.  We should all be so lucky to skid out of here and yell, "Yipeee!!!! What a ride that was."

Jarron was a very kind, funny, and generous individual who was always willing to lend a hand or share his knowledge. He had a way of reaching each Junior Herper and shared in their excitement and experiences in the field. We miss and will always remember his generous spirit.

Jarron was an advocate for the Chatsworth Nature Preserve and was very concerned about the proposed permanent wetlands project for the Nature Preserve. He was very fearful that the heavy equipment would break the clay layer and turn the Preserve into a desert in the next 15 years.

Recently he joined forces with Greg Pauly, herpetologist from the Natural History Museum, and Bobby Espinoza, biology professor from CSUN, to create a scientific database of the Herpetologists Society's research.

A memorial service will be held at the Chatsworth Nature Preserve on Saturday, Oct. 13, at noon. Following the ceremony will be a potluck luncheon.

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