3 QUESTIONS TO ASK BRAD SHERMAN at his (Campaign) Townhall this Sunday.

Let's ask Brad Sherman at his next "Townhall": Can we ever expect you to propose a bill that makes it out of committee AND helps all the constituents?

Will Congressman Sherman Answer These Questions
Will Congressman Sherman Answer These Questions

30th US Congressional District Town Hall Meeting: 3-23-14 at Birmingham High School  2pm - 3:30pm 

The most recent campaign financial reports submitted by  Brad Sherman indicate he has a current personal loan to his campaign in the amount of  $500,000.  The campaign tussle in 2012 between Sherman & Berman brought out accusations of past loans and high interests.

Considering Congressman  Napolitano  was garnering interest as high as 18%

Considering permissible “outside earned income” for Representatives and Senators is limited to 15% of the annual rate of basic pay for level II of the Executive Schedule (15% of $181,500, or $27,225 in 2014)  and interest is not defined by the IRS as earned income...there is reason to ask the Congressman on Sunday: 

How much interest are you charging your campaign? And then let the voter beware or decide if this is acceptable. 

Brad Sherman has been in office  16 years accumulating $2.5 million in salary alone.     He has sponsored 91 bills, according to GovTrack (https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/browse?sponsor=400371) of which 3 have been signed by the President (1998, 2002, 2006)H.R. 4646 (109th): Designating “Coach John Wooden Post Office Building” in Reseda.   H.R. 5340 (107th): Designating  “Francis Dayle ‘Chick’ Hearn Post Office” in Encino.   H.R. 1794 (105th): For the relief of Mai Hoa “Jasmine” Salehi.    A continuation of pleas for assistance sent to the prior Congressman Beilenson.

The number of bills which eventually become law is very limited, BUT how can one Congressman after 16 years in office not have a single solitary bill enacted, which helps ALL his constituents.   

Clearly the “reaching across the aisle” and “reaching inside the aisle” and “reaching out to (or look out for) fellow Democrats” has not been successful for the CPA from Sherman Oaks.    The Congressman shows up, has an excellent attendance record,  votes, and can be depended-on to co-sponsor the bills of other legislators.  

Meanwhile, in 2013 (113th Congress) the Congressman introduced HR300 “Visa Waiver for Israel Act of 2013” which  is related to S. 266. It has been referred to the Committee on the Judiciary. 

And  HR 1450 “Too Big to Fail, Too Big to Exist Act” has one co-sponsor, and was referred to the House Committee on Financial Services 4-9-13.  

Will his fellow Democrats help him get these through...in time for the November election or will they leave him to fend for himself.  Or were they never meant to get out of Committee?

So the second question to ask on Sunday:  Can we ever expect you to propose a bill that makes it out of committee AND helps all the constituents?   

And the last question to ask on Sunday: 
  • We know your ONLY 3 pieces of legislation have successfully named  two post offices, and helped the widow of a murder victim (over 10 years ago);
  • and you have participated in getting funds,  already earmarked because of your predecessor, for the Santa Monica Mountains,
  • and you voted for the PP/ACA without reading the bill (because it was the same as the President’s wife (Hillary Clinton) had proposed  20  years ago).  

How are you protecting our young men and women to not have to  fight another war in the Middle East, for oil we no longer need,  or Russia to make up for poor diplomacy on the part of our President?

Sherman's town halls, with a ticket system which guarantees the questions asked are easily answered and take up inordinate amount of time on issues that are NOT in the jurisdiction of a Congressman, are basically a scam!

Will he answer these questions?  Will he allow them to be asked?  Will he  answer them truthfully?  

Mark Reed, American and willing to speak my opinion for the electorate.

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Carl Petersen III March 19, 2014 at 10:08 AM
"Will he answer these questions? Will he allow them to be asked? Will he answer them truthfully? " ___________________________________________________ You forgot: "Will you even bother to listen to the answer." I have seen you at these town halls. You ask your question and you walk away. Other Tea Baggers ask their questions and then "boo" over the answer. Admit it, you are not interested in dialog, you just want to push your own agenda. You are not someone who would help "ALL his constituents."


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