Environmentalists Say Hands Off the Chatsworth Nature Preserve

Some fear a transfer of former Chatsworth Reservoir from DWP to Recreation and Parks could inadvertently degrade the area.

On the heels of Chatsworth Patch's Thursday report that the 1,300-acre Chatsworth Nature Preserve would never be opened to equestrians, bikers and hikers because it would change the meaning of “being a preserve,” Louis Sahagun writes in the Saturday Los Angeles Times:

"The herpetologists society, the San Fernando Valley Audubon Society and other environmental groups are concerned that Los Angeles' plan to allow construction of 44 acres of wetlands and transfer control of the property from the Department of Water and Power to the Department of Recreation and Parks could inadvertently degrade the largely undeveloped area, which is rich in wildlife."

You'll find his full report here. And you'll find Al Seib's photo gallery here.





Leigh Datzker October 24, 2011 at 02:08 AM
The "Chatsworth Preserve" is not completely a preserve in any sense with the Ericsson Sky Crane facility in the lake bed as well as other items such as the Lime Kiln. We should preserve as much as possible, but think of other uses to benefit the community while not disturbing the wildlife. Uses could include a solar energy collection facility on the West Hills end and perhaps an unmanned observatory and weather station. The wildlife area could also be given the the Santa Monica Conservancy as it should have been. We also need to address the properties that abut the preserve and how we can protect our land from predators and maintain the fenceline while limiting plant and tree overgrowth.


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