RINOS and Other Political Thoughts of the Day

Winter Wooing as the 'Republican In Name Only' steps forth in New Hampshire.

Tis interesting to see the tides changing in the Republican primaries as the FRDJ (Front runner du Jour) seems to change every other week until scrutiny comes their way and, 'poof.' 

Now we have an old front runner plowing his way through New Hampshire en route to South Carolina, while the others seek to keep their financial heads above water to survive into February and Super Tuesday in March.  The line of attack now focuses on Romney's ties with his financial group and their actions which apparently cost jobs while putting other companies into bankruptcy. Not a good theme if you are trying to upend an economy which was put asunder by Republicans and bankers who were not properly regulated in 2007 and 2008, resulting in Trillions lost in investment accounts and the loss of thousands of American jobs.

We can see that there is no quick fix to the economy, which is a major issue under which no presidential candidate really has control, especially if the Euro Zone goes into recession this year. 

We see no candidate for the American people who is willing to take on the banks who are not lending and have all sorts of formulae at their disposal to defeat even the most creditworthy borrower. 

We also see the attack now coming because the President wants to cut money from the defense budget, which makes sense given technological breakthroughs and the use of unmanned and robotic air craft and vehicles to defeat even the most evasive enemy our country has seen since 2001. 

We are no longer at war in Iraq and if the world community sets their sites on Iran, the action will be resolved with military technology already developed.  I do not see these budgetary cuts threatening American Freedoms as Governor Perry would say.  The plain facts are that we had a massive economic mess caused by the banks and unregulated investment houses. 

It appears that it will take a few more years to fight out of this web of corruption and greed, and if any country can do it, it is the U.S.  We will have to keep our eyes on Europe as well and many of these situations may be beyond an American President's control. 

So as the primaries head south, we can see themes developing on both sides.  Unfortunately these themes will not change our view of Congress who has failed to deal with this economic malaise, nor will a year of doing nothing help the electorate. 

What should be interesting is whether a RINO (Republican in Name Only) can get enough oomph to make it to March, unscathed by his brethren.  It will also be interesting where the country's anger will go as well, as many remain displeased with the current state of affairs with both parties. 

So, as roadshow moves south, it will provide us with fodder for another view of the Presidential race as we leap into 2012.

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Zookeeper91326 January 09, 2012 at 07:27 PM
Hummm... Do your opinions represent those of "Chatsworth Patch," in general? Are you connected to "Chatsworth Patch," other than as a reader contributer? If so, I will have to delete my subscription to "Chatsworth Patch."
Saul Daniels January 09, 2012 at 09:02 PM
Zookeeper: Local Voices features bloggers who express their own opinions. Patch provides the platform to promote community conversations. And we are always looking to add new bloggers. Interested?
Zookeeper91326 January 09, 2012 at 10:14 PM
Thank you, Saul, for clarifying. I had been wondering...


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