Kevin James, Mark Reed, Alan Jackson Endorsed by SFVRC

San Fernando Valley Republican Club endorses three candidates for public office.

At its monthly membership meeting on Tuesday, April 3rd, the San Fernando Valley Republican Club endorsed Kevin James for Mayor of Los Angeles.  Kevin James is the only outsider, and the only true reformer running for Mayor.  To find out more about Kevin James and see his positions on the issues, visit his website here

SFVRC also endorsed Mark Reed, candidate for Congress in the 30th Congressional District.  Mr. Reed is one of the candidates in the race which includes Howard Berman and Brad Sherman.  To find out more about Mark Reed, visit his website here.

At its March membership meeting, SFVRC endorsed Alan J. Jackson, Deputy District Attorney, for the office of District Attorney.  You can find out about Alan Jackson on his website here.

The SFVRC is proud to support three outstanding candidates for public office.  For more information about the San Fernando Valley Republican club, visit our website: www.sfvrc.org

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Michael Higby April 09, 2012 at 05:30 PM
LMU recently came out with a poll showing Kevin James to be performing quite strongly. The guy is in it to win and has same amazing ideas to reform the city that are resonating with folks no matter what their personal political party is.
Momlee April 09, 2012 at 11:49 PM
How can I put into contex what should be a no brainer. California should declare an emergency to get on the right track. I ask all of you sincerely, do you like our present representation? Do you want to continue our debt and pay more taxes to satisfy the democrats and its radical views? It's impossible to believe that the democratic voters will change. We are in trouble but most voters are so busy with their personal lives and have no idea what is going on and frankly don't believe they can make a difference. When you listen to the local news and read the local papers and turn on KNBC, CNN and all the cable TV stations other than Fox the true facts are not disclosed. Fox now has the largest audience do to the real awakening of them being truthful and communicating the true facts. Finally, If you have half a brain you would never vote for a democrat again. Now that you've been informed are you still going to vote the same old way and let every democratic throw us out with your dish water. Wake up folks...get the facts...don't trust me...do your homework...We are desperate and I hope you will make your vote count.
Toluca Lake Observer April 10, 2012 at 03:28 AM
No wonder so many voters are clueless, buying into the elderly-appealing, fear-mongering, right-wing political machine called Fox. Don't believe you are being manipulated? Do some research on Roger Ailes. BTW, many of us see the floundering Republican presidential candidates as living examples of what is wrong with our country. It is clear Obama will crush the right-wing in the coming election. Also, what is a "true fact"? To be a fact, it must be true. Look it up!
Michael Higby April 10, 2012 at 05:58 AM
I'm not really sure what the last two comments have to do with the Mayor's race, which is non-partisan. The bottom line is Antonio Villaraigosa could be a Republican (and I guarantee if he lived in a majority Republican city HE WOULD BE) but still be just as horrible as he is. We need fresh new blood. Not people who have been part of the system for decades.


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