What Do You Hear from Friends Threatened by Hurricane Sandy? See Video & Photos from East Coast Patches [Video]

Share their stories here on Patch. Read their stories on East Coast Patch sites.

Have you been in touch with friends or family threated by Sandy the Frankenstorm sweeping the East Coast?

Those of us in the San Fernando Valley understand how to get ready for earthquakes and wildfires, but are folks ready for a hurricane disaster along the Atlantic?

How have your friends and family prepared? Are they evacuating? Are they going to ride out the storm? What have they told you?

Share your conversations with them here on Patch. Read some Studio City reports here.

And if you want to track first-hand news of the storm, there are hundreds of Patch towns from Florida to New England. Check out their reports here. And click on the video to see the Encino-Tarzana Patch editor trying to walk along a Manhattan street in the storm.

Here are just a few recent Patch storm headlines:

Marianne Love October 29, 2012 at 08:04 PM
And a neighbor's tree splintered in two even before hurricane Sandy arrived! Kenilworth's public works department was here in no time. I really mean no time! The crew showed up around 12:30 removed the entire tree plus the stump. Mind you it was in someone's front yard too! By the time I came back from visiting my dad around 1:30 ish, all of the tree remains were gone and so was the crew. Now that's what I call good service from a municipality. Imagine if this happened in LA, especially the San Fernando Valley. We would have been holding on the 3-1-1 line by the time Kenilworth workers came and went. For the past week I have been enjoying the fall foliage. Crimson reds, yellows and yellow-brown leaves. They are gorgeous, magnificent. Pictures cannot do them justice especially when the sunshine hits them a certain way. But sadly, Sandy has been blowing them off the trees one by one for the past few hours :( My colorful visual experience is over. Well, at least I'll keep my eyes on the road now instead of the leaves. Marianne


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