Will Ferrell Finds a 'Home' for Filming in Chatsworth

His new comedy, 'Casa de Mi Padre,' is filmed in Spanish -- yes, Spanish.

From The Lone Ranger, to The Roy Rogers Show through Bonanza and Gunsmoke, hundreds of Hollywood filmmakers and television producers have used Chatsworth as the backdrop for their Westerns, and now you can add one more star to the list: Will Ferrell.

Hitting theaters today is Casa de Mi Padre, an R-rated spoof of telanovelas and Spaghetti Westerns filmed entirely in Spanish. In the movie, Ferrell, who learned a new language for the role, plays a farmer who must do battle with a drug lord in order to defend his family’s honor.

“We shot most of the movie out in Chatsworth, and so [my Spanish coach] would show up at my house and we'd just drive for 45 minutes and go over that day's work,” said Ferrell in an interview with Filmfanatic.com. Other locations used during the film’s 22-day shoot include Simi Valley and a soundstage in Hollywood.

This is Ferrell’s second movie to shoot in Chatsworth after 2005’s Bewitched redux.

Casa de mi Padre opens in limited release today. You can see it in Chatsworth at the Winnetka 21 theaters. Click here for a preview.


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