VIDEO: Our Readers Vote the Best Margarita Is...

The tally just kept on rising from the first day of the poll.

... From .

It was clear from the get-go.

Folks in Chatsworth love the work of the Margarita mixologist at . Voters bumped Los Toros out into the lead on the first day of polling, and the tally just kept on rising.

So we thought you'd like to see last year's video of Margarita making once again.

But Chatsworth has so many other watering holes from which to choose including: , , , , , , , and

You can still click on any name, visit the listing of your favorite, and write your own review.

And bar or business owners can claim their free listings, too. The benefits of claiming a listing can be found here.

Come back to Chatsworth Patch Monday and we'll have a new Chatsworth Readers' Choice poll.

mesharonna March 04, 2012 at 01:46 AM
Los Toros is overrated these days. Yes, back in the day they were the best of the best not only for their fab margs and good, inexpensive food, but for a "Cheers" type environment and social gathering. Now, it's over-crowded with drunk punks and the night ends up like a WWF event. Too many other GREAT places to choose from in the valley now!
Tee InvitationLady March 05, 2012 at 01:15 AM
Los toros suxs... I agree with sharon unless for football and two dollar b ud hahah. Cowboy palace margs with char and maggie great!! Hello try a real marg from this real xicana!! From da valle i know!


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