Thriving When Most Are Dying: Northridge's Discount Bookstore

A poster from $10 or Less Bookstore's grand opening in October.
A poster from $10 or Less Bookstore's grand opening in October.
Northridge is home to something very rare--a surviving bookstore.

The LA Weekly this week highlighted the $10 or Less Bookstore at 9054 Tampa Ave. and how it's able to stay afloat in a world of e-readers.

"It's almost decimated a lot of mom and pops across the nation," co-owner Michelle Schwabe told the publication. "I think the key is discount. I don't know if time will catch up with the population that still wants the tactile feel and smell and holding of a book."

She says she believes that one of the few ways bookstores can stay open is to offer good deals like her business.

The discount store recently moved to its new location and carries everything from children's books to bargain titles and DVDs.

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