Eco-Friendly Firing Range Set to Open

Self-protection and firearms training will be offered in what the owner calls a one-of-a-kind lead-free operation.

A new eco-friendly pistol range held an open house Saturday on an industrial-zoned street of warehouses, offices and car repair businesses in Chatsworth.

The Green Zone, at 9943 Canoga Ave., is the brainchild of Steve Tragar who said he will open the firing range sometime around Christmas.

He has called his facility a one-of-a-kind lead-free operation in the shooting-range business.

The "green" indoor firing range and self-protection school is a firearms training center and a venue for professional law enforcement officers who need to upgrade their firearm skills.

"Above all we are a school. A place to learn and grow," Tragar said. "Our business is self defense. Firearm and first response training is for everyone. If you are a beginner we will start you off right. For the professionals in the field we'll keep you sharp. Most importantly, we believe the market for women is wide open. Not only will our teachers be the best but we promise all the ladies a friendly, inviting atmosphere and the cleanest bathrooms in town," he said.

When appearing before the Chatsworth Neighborhood Council land use committee last February, Tragar said only handguns would be allowed and shooters must buy “green” ammunition from him.

Just bullets made of copper and tin would be allowed in a lead-free environment. And, the expended bullets and casings will be scooped up and returned to the manufacturer who, in turn, will recycle the materials and make more “green” bullets.

His new facility has a 16-seat classroom in a loft above the central lobby, where a 420-square-foot martial arts dojo is hidden behind tall green fabric panels.

And the eight-lane firing range is secured behind a set of two doors. The range is 25 yards deep with a quarter-inch thick rolled steel wall set at a 30-degree angle behind the the targets. Tragar said the wall was of their own design and there is another 25 feet of space behind it.

Tragar can be reached at info@greenzoneranges.com.

Matt Weintraub November 27, 2011 at 03:26 PM
Great facility, with space for expansion. Very safe environment, good for training and fun too!
Jason Martinez November 28, 2011 at 05:23 AM
Unfortunately, He is not going to survive unless his rates for ammunition and lane times can compete with standard "factory" Self Defense or Competition rated ammo. I personally don't know too many gun toting environmentalists that are too concerned about lead free bullets. Further more why would I want to practice shoot with an ammo that i won't be using standard for my handgun? I typically shoot about 400-500 rounds a month at the range or USPSA matches, how is that going to feel in my wallet? Bummer it wont be a new range open to all customers and all ammo.
Steve Tragar November 29, 2011 at 07:59 PM
Above all Jason we a school for learning. We specialize with security pro's or beginners who wish to learn firearm safety the right way the first time out. Bummer for you yes, for others, finally, a safe, clean place to train. We are the In and Out Burger of the security business Jason. If you want the freshest burger in town you come to us. If a roast beef sandwich is your preference go buy one.


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