Clay Clement’s Children’s Pirate Book Wins Approval

The book won the Mom’s Choice and Golden Mr. Dad awards, among others.

The owner worried, for a little bit, whether his character in his new children’s book would be a little bit too much for some parents. The pirates do, after all, have tattoos in his book.

But worry no more.

His charming adventure book Pirate Santa not only won a Mom’s Choice Award, but a Mr. Dad honor. Those two consumer awards gave the seal of approval by a wide range of parental monitors.

“Now I can relax,” Clement told Studio City Patch on Tuesday. “We were worried how the book would be perceived, but this shows that they like it.”

They really like it. Rave reviews follow the story about the pirate dad, his little Ninja, a Pirate Baby girl and a mermaid. The book is getting raves from both boys and girls and it instills value systems of honesty and integrity.

Now, his team is working on a CD audio version and an iPad version of the book. Clement’s co-author Mark Summers is narrating the CD and they wrote the five songs for the audio book.

“This is going to be something that parents will want to hear around the house,” Clement said about the Zydeco-sounding pirate songs. “It won’t be music like Alvin and the Chipmunks that parents won’t want to hear over and over again.” Professional musicians with violins, mandolins and other instruments play the songs and add to the mood.

It’s a big success for the first book that was completely generated within the Studio City Tattoo talent pool. Now, they have mapped out their second book, Pirate Princess, and working on the backstory of the mermaid.

Clement said that he hopes the CD version of the book and iPad will be out by Sept. 19, which is their “Talk Like a Pirate” day.

Meanwhile, the book is up for more awards in coming weeks, including for independent publishing.

“We’re keeping our fingers crossed,” Clement said.

Click here to find out more about the book: www.piratesanta.com


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