Bye-Bye Burgers; Chatsworth Loses a Restaurant After Only 6 Months

Texas-themed eatery has pulled up stakes and hit the trail.

Adiós. It lasted only six months.

First the windows were covered with brown butcher paper and the sign on the door read: "Closed for commercial filming." But, by Thursday the sign was down. The butcher paper was down. And the neon sign on the roof was down.

The Lone Star Burger Ranch at 20419 Devonshire St. decided to vamoose.

Located in the completely remodeled former Chatsworth Denny's, the gourmet burger joint with Texas decor faced problems from opening day.

Although the tasty, well-textured burgers were infused with flavors ranging from steak sauce to Italian dressing, or Worcestershire or Texas BBQ sauce, Patch readers complained online about employee working conditions as well as business practices at the owner's magazine operation. The owner could not be reached for comment.

Now, the location which once also housed a Love's Barbecue, known for their baked beans, and later a Scoby's with their famous fried chicken, is empty again.

And there's a For Lease sign in the window.

carolyn April 17, 2013 at 02:48 AM
wow Jack. it's kind of scary how many people she has used and cheated. not just with this business venture but with other businesses as well. seriously i have read about 10 complaints just about the restaurant, and others regarding her magazine. I'm thinking of looking into filing a formal complaint to some authorities...not sure who, but i will try. it doesn't seem right that she can continue to do this. i took her to small claims, and won, but you're right. she has no morals or any sense of conscience. i don't have time to track her down. i'm too busy trying to work. best of luck to you. i'd love to see her have to pay for all of this.
Homer J Simpson April 20, 2013 at 10:59 PM
Why don't you go graze on the range cowpie!
Jack D April 21, 2013 at 12:43 AM
Yep, would be nice to get what is owed but I won't hold my breath. Becky, if you are reading this (and I hope you are) I hope you realize how you have affected us and pay us ALL you owe. You know that we all worked hard for you and tried to help keep the restaurant open. Have a heart and fulfill your word. In the future, if your business is doing bad don't drag everyone into your problems. You know we would have never worked for you or put up with any of the abuse you dished out if we knew we would not be compensated.
carolyn April 21, 2013 at 02:21 AM
she is not going to pay. i worked for her 3 years ago for her magazine. same story. this is who she is. she has sob stories but thinks she's the only one who has a sad story. she cares about no one. it's her MO i'm finding out. like i said, took her to small claims and won. if that doesn't make her budge, nothing will. good luck, move on. she has to look at herself in the mirror at night.
carolyn April 21, 2013 at 11:56 PM
for everyone who has a work complaint, it's time to do something about this business owner. she has done this to many people, and she has done this for more than one of her businesses. Her business practices are illegal. She is stealing. check out this site and maybe you can file a complaint. hopefully, someone in a government office will be able to help, even if it seems like a long shot. at least we're not giving up. and hopefully she will not be able to start ANOTHER business and take advantage of MORE people. http://www.dir.ca.gov/dlse/dlseWagesAndHours.html if this doesn't apply, maybe some other info on the site will.


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