Chatsworth Roof Stars on TV With Rising Sun

Program spotlights installation of a solar electric system.

A Chatsworth couple is starring in an episode of Lifetime Television's "Designing Spaces" as the sun rises this morning.

More accurately, the sun-drenched roof of their house is the main character of the show, airing at 7:30 a.m. and repeating on July 6.

The program follows Leslie and Mark Cohen of Macoda Lane in the gated community of Indian Falls as they install a solar electric system on their home.

Mark Cohen said on the show that he saw an urgent need to get a solar system on his roof. “As electric costs go up every year, we will be saving a lot of money,” he said. Leslie Cohen added that she liked having solar because it was an opportunity to help the environment and create a better future for her children and grandchildren.

During filming, "Designing Spaces" caught the Cohen’s electric meter spinning backwards, which meant that they were providing more energy back into the electrical grid than they were using.

“We’ve all heard about harnessing the power of the sun. Now ... everyone will see how easy it is to make this a reality,” said Geoff Atkins, of solar systems company American Solar Direct.

The show answers homeowners’ most common questions – from expense, to maintenance, to helping the environment.

This Think Green segment on solar energy can be accessed at designingspaces.tv.

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