Wednesday Is the Deadline to Comment on Sherwood Forest Elder-Care Facility

The plan has been a hot topic for area homeowners.

Wednesday is the last day to submit a statement to the zoning administrator about the 83,000-square-foot elder-care facility proposed within the Northridge residential community of Sherwood Forest.

The address is: Mr. Fernando Tovar, Office of Zoning Administration, 200 North Spring St.,  Room 721, Los Angeles, CA 90012. Reference case #ZA2012-3545-ELD-SPR.

The 140-unit, two and three-story building has been called "Costco-sized" and would be constructed at 17545 Parthenia St. at the corner of Shoshone Avenue. It is opposed by the Sherwood Forest Homeowners Association, The Northridge South Neighborhood Council, and City Councilman Mitch Englander. The Homeowners Association's position was also endorsed by the Chatsworth Neighborhood Council.

Although, the elder-care facility has been a hot topic in Sherwood Forest, other similar facilities have been major issues in Chatsworth, Woodland Hills and Tarzana. See the Los Angeles Times report here.

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Robert Amstutz March 19, 2013 at 04:39 PM
If you pay enough money in this city you can put anything anywhere. This 83,000-square-foot elder-care facility should not be built in a residential community.
Diana Dixon-Davis March 19, 2013 at 08:18 PM
As a member of the Chatsworth Neighborhood Council, and as an Angelino I am concerned about inappropriate and over development of residential areas. Though I will need the services of an elder care facility in the future, that is no excuse for destroying our current neighborhoods. There are master plans for all areas of Los Angeles. Each inch of these plans were hard fought and required many compromises. Why should we throw out this collective wisdom and some semblance of planning for the benefit of profits and tax revenue! Los Angeles already has a reputation for being poorly planned –with a hodgepodge of land uses crammed together. The approval of this project will only further the fragmentation of our city’s quality of life. SPECIFICALLY: This area* is zoned residential. if one were to use a high density residential (9 homes) and high density occupancy (5 persons) on the 2.34 acres 45 total residents would be allowed. If you estimated based on ½ acre, horse keeping lots and occupancy of 4, the site would allow 16-20 total residents. If this project was built to high density, single family home standards it would be tolerable for the community. However, this project is 4 to 5 times this density. It should be sited in an area zoned for apartment buildings or commercial/services. This project is inappropriately dense and not fitting the characteristics of the surrounding community.
Concerned Sherwood Forest Resident June 28, 2013 at 02:57 AM
Good news! The North Valley Commissioners (made up of volunteers) voted unanimously against this proposal! We are forever grateful to the commissioners and to our Councilman Mitch Englander who showed total support to his constituents. We were told the Elder Care ordinance will soon be revised and hopefully such facilities will no longer be allowed in low density neighborhoods.


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