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Alfa District Rocket Engine Test Stand
Alfa District Rocket Engine Test Stand
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Jock March 14, 2014 at 12:27 PM
And basically, we have been given lip service as to our input it seems. Just as they were able to create the mess they will dispose of it as they wish. Can't wait to see the "After Glow Estates" built up there by 2020.
Tom Nachtrab March 14, 2014 at 05:28 PM
Come to the Group's meeting Wednesday (MAR 19 7pm) Hear about the Santa Ynez Indians' interests in some of the SSFL land. Details here: http://northridge.patch.com/groups/inside-the-fence/p/santa-susana-field-laboratory-community-advisory-group-public-meeting ssflcag.net
Ziegler March 15, 2014 at 10:37 PM
If the land is sold to the Chumash or other Indians, we will never have cleanup to background as it was before the Government, Rocketdyne, and NAsa so negligently put us all at Risk. The Indians have a sovereign Country, and try suing then. Those who live in the gated Community on the hill and are disturbed over the possibility of trucks and traffic accidents ain't seen nothin yet! The Indian' Casino will bring traffic like crazy gamblers wh drink a lot. The Indians sell a lot of liquor at their Casinos. I spohe to Dr. Morgenstern who headed a study at SSFL for Michagan University. They predicted 60% or more of thyroid cancers alone, and called Boeing liars when Boeing said that there were no escalated cancer rates. DR. Morgenstern was shocked that nothing had been done to date. He just had back surgeery but when he feels better will consider coming here to help us. My own Endocrinologist at Kaiser in Woodland Hills, told me on several occassions that he sees an enormous increase in cancers from the area. Dr. Morgenstern also an eminent M.D. was not at all surprised because cancers can take over decades later. We have been too well behaved and courteous, we the people- the collaterally damaged have to insist upon cleanup to background which scientists tell us is doable and which we deserve. THe Government has not lokked after us as promised. They are the perpertrators and they, NASA and Boeing signed a consent decree or contract to cleanup to background in 2010. Now they are backing out even though they admitted liability. The victimizers dictate that they alone will decide upon "COST VERSUS BENEFIT" AND "WHAT IS REASONABLE" TO PAY OUT. THEY WILL DECIDE WHAT YOUR LIFE IS WORTH SINCE YOU ARE THE "BENEFIT." Hell no!!!! WE have everyright to speak up for ourselves and our children we can demonstrate non- violently and we can non- violently let our Congress persons and our President know exactly what we will or will not stand for. NO MORE ORPHANS!


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